Dear Friends 

I’m happy to invite you to discover the exhibition of “ mountain &  mineral “ with 14 jewellery artists
 in  my new studio  in period of design September. 14/15/16/17 and 21/22/23/24  September Thursday to Sunday 12h -18h

We hope you will be pleasantly surprised by our Special opening on Sunday 10 September 15h-18h in “forêt de soigne “ 
more detail will follow  after you register .


Janny HuangYokota / Philip SajetTerhi Tolvanen /王安琪 An-ChiWang /王意婷 I-TingWang /

吳采軒 Cai-Xuan Wu /吳淑麟 Shu-LinWu /李姿玲 Tzu-LingLee /

張薇萱 Wei-Hsuan Chang /許文賢 CarissaWen-Hsien Hsu

趙永惠 Yung-Huei Chao / 陳郁君 Yu-Chun Chen /謝旻玲 Min-Ling Hsieh / 李梅華Mei LEE


Warm regards


12 Rue de la Vénerie , 1170 Boitsfort
+32 (0)486590991

If you’re interested to make  your own jewelry
This workshop  will make you happy